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Thanks for the table. I have no idea how you do that. Copy paste from pdf docs isn't all that great.

As for the numbers themselves I can't really understand what dynamic tipped three age groups toward Royal but radicallized the +65. I can grasp how Royal was more reassuring, last week with a fairly logical discourse geared toward the middle, and how Sarkozy lost the edge by missing out on the action. But i stop there; these aren't reasons to completely change your vote.

As far as the +65 vote, it seems to me to be too far skewed toaward sarkozy to be explained simply by a stereotypical 'more conservative as you get older' argument. It seems to me that the seniors have been fairly ignored during the campaign as an explicit voting group, or, merely, as an interest group. To the best of my knowledge neither royal nor sarkozy have insisted that pensions would remain the same, or be augmented. Since basic interest doesn't explain the vote, I would resort to some more symbolic explainations... but i'd be on shaky grounds.

Rien n'est gratuit en ce bas monde. Tout s'expie, le bien comme le mal, se paie tot ou tard. Le bien c'est beaucoup plus cher, forcement. Celine

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