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Best Buy reported its earnings today, and it made a profit. The headline at CNNMoney is Best Buy to Circuit City: Employees matter
"The conventional wisdom facing us today is that a better business model is to start with the viewpoint of the customer, their problems and desires, and match those to solutions that we can offer," [Best Buy exec] Anderson said during the call.

"We're continuing to do this while our rivals are closing stores. Consumers are moving toward our brand as a result of our ongoing efforts," he said. "Our assets are our 140,000 employees. We want to grow the quality of our employees."

Of course, that there are managers out there who haven't completely swallowed the neoliberal cool aid doesn't mean that a system under which long-term employees can be fired at will isn't crazy.

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by Alexander on Wed Apr 4th, 2007 at 04:55:31 PM EST
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