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Russian National Bolshevist Party

Founding Philosophy: The Russian National Bolshevist Party (NBP) is an organization of anti-globalists and Russian nationalists founded in 1993 by writer Eduard Limonov. The group has branches across Russia and in other countries of the former Soviet Union. The NBP opposes capitalism, globalization and the U.S., as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom they accuse of attacking democracy in Russia and running a police state. The NBP is also linked to anti-Semitism. The group participates in frequent rallies and demonstrations against Putin, U.S. President George W. Bush and globalization.

The NBP will remain active in Russia and in the major cities of the former Soviet Union for the foreseeable future. The group will continue to protest Putin's program and attract those left behind in post-communist Russia. Some small-scale violence and hooliganism associated with the group is also likely to persist. However, their violent actions are not likely to proceed beyond isolated, minor incidents.

On Kasparov organized marches they no longer use a party flag, but a Russian Imperial flag:

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