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"the right to irreverence" included (this is the newest case being prosecuted currently) two members of NBP engaged in military training, planning to organize bombing of the regional headquarters of security service and of a major dam (disrupting electricity supplies to a major Siberian city and flooding a part of it in the process), and trying to persuade a female friend of theirs to become a suicide bomber.

Thanks, no thanks, but I believe that post-modern stops somewhere, and that peoples' lives are more important than narcissism of this "glamour fascist", even though human life is such an archaic concept.

I am eternally surprised by Westerners believing that some things which would never be tolerated in their societies are OK in Russia just because the instigators shout "Oust the Putin gang!", or "Long live democracy!" before that. I became disgusted with such approach almost a decade ago, and still don't understand why some intelligent and very sensible people have a compartment in their minds where Russian people (and myself, therefore) are lumped together with guinea pigs (but definitely inferior to pandas).

by Sargon on Sun May 20th, 2007 at 05:44:01 AM EST
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