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Hi de Anender.

Regardign the justice systm in Spain.. .I am sorry but this is Spain, it is not some kind of weird conspiracy against sqautters of left-wing people in general. Right-wing people have to live with it the same way.. so regardins our spanish beloved justice system.. yes it is ultra-slow, yes it is full of fascists... and fortunately the good thing is that you have excellent lawyers on the left-side... my only hope...

Regardign police  and left-wing movements .. that's another completely different game.

Standard anti-globalization protests were heavily targeted during the right-wing governemnt of PP.. and it somehow ended with the good relation with Zapatero...

But  squatters.. this is a compeltley different game!!! Squatters in Spain are not considered in the smae light as in Germany, SO police vs squatters belongs to a very particular Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain back and forth..

You can protest against Bush and you will be welcomed..against globalization and you feel at home..against poverty global warming... whatever...

But no.. squatters is different.. squatters is about housing, is about what is making the upper-middle class and some  middle-classes rich. Housing is what it is making rich people ultra-mega rich. Spanish constructors are buying utilities, banks.. you name it.

Add up that the police in Catalonia is controlled by the green party but the local police is controlled by the major.(the center-left party)... and there you have it.. the big question... Aren't they green/left after all? Shouldn they support squatters..???

Oh no my dear....:) YOu must add some ingridients..you must add inflirtators trying to move squatters towards violence, then you must add some important people recalling that Barceloan needs tourism (it is not really about housing.. they would say).. and then you have that catalan police is formed by member of the old national police reconverted...

ANd much more... taking housing... ok as long as you leave as soon the owner wants to become rich making new houses... and then squatters do not take it nicely.. adn then most of the neighboors support them.. but others do not..

As you can see .. a huge mess...but not an international endevour.. on the contrary.. the guy here stepped in to a very local war.

Imagine yourself in the middle of a war between two groups.. huge fight.. one of them happen to identify with an orange t-shirt..and then you happen to wear an orange t-shirt that day... and the other group thinks that you are trying to mock them by waring it in their territory..

Same thing... only that squatters and the center-left major are the two tribes (squatters and guardia urbana)... with a third tribe made of the green party in charge of changing the catalan police but with no control over the major police...

A pretty mess.... it is called dinnocent anthropologist syndrome.

A pleasure

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by kcurie on Tue May 22nd, 2007 at 09:30:04 AM EST

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