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I'll withdraw "cosmetic" but my definition of "pointlerss" is that ultimately perestroika became irrelevant and was entirely replaced by a new system. I'm not saying it didn't have a role to play in getting there, but it ultimately didn't survive as a separate regime.

If we equal Brish to Brezhnev as the manifestaytion of the old, corrupt kleptocratic and imperial US of A, then cleatly the transitional phases that Russia wernt through were:

  • Andropov: more of the same;
  • Chernenko: more of the same II;
  • Gorbachev: attempt at reform; failed
  • Yeltsin: regime collapse / new regime

I see the current Dems offering a choice between Andropov et Gorbachev, that is to say, something doomed to fail -- though it might be a necessary transitional period.
by Lupin on Fri May 25th, 2007 at 05:20:50 AM EST
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