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You inspire me to dig up a post from last year:  

Committed to oil, we are committed to increasing climate change.  If you are sentimental, there is something you should do.  Record the biosphere in your area.  Write about it, photograph it, paint it, video-tape it--no don't do that, that's pointless--make a record that is durable.  The unsentimental fact is that the biosphere in your region is likely to simplify:  Plant species will die under the stress of weather they are not meant for, but they will not be replaced by more suited species, for there will not be time:  Climate zones will be shifting too quickly.  The short word for this is desertification.  In geological terms, a lot of new niches are about to be created to be filled (in geological, not human, time) by new, not-yet-existing species.  This is an exciting time for geologists of a million years hence.  

The excitement for us, of course, is somewhat different, as we procede, willingly, to wreck everything we have known and loved.  


The link is here.

The fact that survival is about to become very local (not to say problematic) presses on me daily.  But for the last couple of months I have been finding it very hard to write.  

The Fates are kind.

by Gaianne on Wed May 23rd, 2007 at 03:09:16 AM EST

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