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More important is the fact a lot of systems, e.g., Climate, is Chaotic.  An itsy-bitsy little tweak in a system can reverberate into a disasterous, from a human POV, shift in how that system does what it does.

The Climate (and other Earth systems) are not "itsy-bitsy" sensitive this way - it was stable and conservative through very long times. Even now, with the antropogentic forcing that is anything but "itsy bitsy", the climate is not more chaotic. In fact, the entropy of expectable extreme weather events (both warm and cold, dry and wet, windy and still) is lower (less choetic) rather than higher (more chaotic). I do not really recongize determenistic chaos - rather I see a cybernetic systems which is set out of normal course and now trying to react.

Anyway, we still have to explain why people got this crazy now.

by das monde on Wed May 23rd, 2007 at 03:30:07 AM EST
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