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But why now?

Why those political, sociological, moral, financial, ecological things work out this way now, and together?

Is it because of the population of 6 billion people? Is it because of the economic ideology that puts no stops on nature exploitation and polution? Is it because of "survival" competition to be most selfish, despite most ample total wealth? Is it because things change so fast that ethics and social concerns cannot adopt? Is it because small scale community relations are being destroyed in favour of state-wide economic pumps?  

Or to put in other way: How would you predict the moment of a next collapse? By the moment the total population reaches a certain bound? By the scale or tempo of technological progress? Or by the moment when greed gets widely accepted not as a vice but an admirable and decisive virtue?

by das monde on Wed May 23rd, 2007 at 12:11:11 AM EST
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