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All these rat races and psychological nuances of self-confidence are luxury of our times. We (all humans) have energy abundance in food and oil, and we know nothing better what to do with the energy than to waste it against each other. We assume that we are obeying (as perfectly as we can) the "right" Darwinian imperative of surviving when fittest, and we assume that we were always doing that, and that any ever living creature on Earth had no choice but to do that. We do not have to make any other assumptions - that's quite a blessing, though temporary...

It is no fun to think that a dramatic turnaround is coming. We do not have a fair and obvious warning - but the expanding civilisation did not gave any warnings either. Humanity deserves certain suffering and life loss - it is not possible to avert consequences of self-indulging illusions within the real world. We (progressives) do not really know what is coming and what we can do - but we know attitudes that could have helped to avoid or substantially postpone the trouble. Yet, the same attitudes can help us to go through the singularity of collective stupidity - and keep (or even make) the world as good as possible beyond it. An apocalypse is not a joy, but a privelege nevertheless.

Ok, my thoughts are not exactly uplifting. We ought to relax sometimes with some delight, and then try to do something - whatever you can do with the anticipated problems can be very significant, since no one else would probably do that.

by das monde on Fri May 25th, 2007 at 08:53:50 AM EST
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