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Light is something I know.  I have seen reports that the original lamps made by Edison are still capable of making light.  In the lab we make the best efforts to produce something useful and lasting and most times we do.

Then however the biz people come in and say, to make our profit margins we have to make 5000 per hour or it's just really not worth the investment to build a machine to make them.

Ya, but a really good lamp takes 20 minutes to process.

Oh, that's simply not acceptable.

Well, for an additional 2 million perhaps we could use the ionization nebulizer to purify the lamps thus getting more lumens per watt and saving energy.

Are you insane!  Marketing has put our target price at 4.67 per lamp.  We could never recoup our investment, er, unless we make them in China.

Result, China hand made line 5500 per hour, lasts 2/3 of the potential, gets less lumens per watt but hey, if  the lamp dies early and you bitch enough we'll send you a free one!

by Lasthorseman on Mon Jun 18th, 2007 at 09:47:10 PM EST

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