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I strongly feel it has not been possible to convincingly show how CO2 relates and scales to other climate forcings and hence how large its sensitivity is. The knowledge on the system as a whole is to this day incomplete.

IPCC scientists feel somewhat differently about this since the last report considers as very probable (>90% certainty) that greenhouse gases are the cause of most of the warming incurred over the last 50 years. This of course doesn't mean that our knowledge of the forcings is complete.

Klaus, like all the other deniers, conveniently uses all the various stages of denial in the course of an argument, which shows they know nothing and yet, refuse everything. The comment about the silenced majority is pure demagoguery (besides being factually wrong): as if a "silenced majority" could be expected to have an opinion differing from that of the scientists on a topic as complex as climate change.

by Fete des fous on Fri Jun 22nd, 2007 at 08:45:45 PM EST
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