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Well, simply, first ... Congrats on getting in. This is an example of why we submit LTEs/such.

Second, excellent deconstruction.

Third, I find the questions somewhat imbalanced to (lunatic) skeptics but, in any event, find all of his responses to be worthy of the same form of deconstruction and explanation as you have provided here.

And, well, I still would have liked a response to my question:

You write: ""scientific consensus", which is always achieved only by a loud minority, never by a silent majority".

What evidence do you have of some form of "silent majority" of experts on climate issues who disagree with the base points in the IPCC reports and believe that they are too pessimistic?

Who should I believe about the scientific communities viewpoints?  The heads of the world's National Academies of Science or a politician who choices to prominently cite a science fiction novelist?

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