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The military being more conservative is not surprising, the issue is self-identification as Republican which seems to be about 2/3 in the officer ranks according to surveys I've seen.

But the point I was getting at was that the same toxic mix that, to me, characterizes managerial class republicanism - a mix of ideology, media-cafard, selfishness, and sheer ignorance seems prevalent in the military. The Crawford book documents an organization that lacks responsible leadership. Here are US soldiers, who cannot rely on the military for basic supplies  despite the nearby existence of huge, luxurious fortresses inhabited by their officers. Living 15 to a room, sleeping on bare floors, covered with flies, scrounging for food, in a major city where the managerial organizations have swimming pools and gyms constructed for their use. The officers can't be bothered to even remember the soldiers names. And the officers show up now and then, waving pistols a-la-Patton, hoping for media and delivering "good work, men" speeches.

by rootless2 on Fri Jun 29th, 2007 at 06:31:37 AM EST
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