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Of course any generalization has exceptions and Mr. Crawford saw the worst - as member of the step-child national guard. But the stories from Iraq, from the deliberate lack of supervision at Abu Ghraib, to the unconscionable lengthening of tours, to the media driven "rescue" of the blonde soldier who got captured, all show an absence of either sensible leadership or any officer presence at all. And I think this is a new phenom in US military units, but one that David Hackworth documented as it spread through the military. The early story that blew me away was off a US camp in southern iraq where water was in short supply and some religious nut chaplin used his control of a small swimming tank to coerce religious attendence. Where was the outraged Captain or Major or Colonel stepping up to protect the soldiers? Small thing, but part of the picture.
by rootless2 on Sat Jun 30th, 2007 at 04:14:10 PM EST
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