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Good advice. If only Rick Roderick were alive and still teaching classes at Duke U. He'd probably kick off a seminar series on the class element of this veggie war. Provide philosophical justifications for growing cucumbers, kale and zucchini as edible protests to the agreed  upon 'tastes' of a bunch of old farts on the HOA board. I'm sure the 'non-food growing' requirement was built into the HOA rules (like the clothesline requirement) to make sure that no one would mistake the neighborhood for a bunch of poor folks who actually, you know, needed to grow their own food, or couldn't afford a clothes dryer. So, at bottom it's a class thing. HOA requirements are almost always about propping up property values. In addition to being churlish and snobbish, it's also simply ugly. Their idea of beauty is all about preventing potential eyesores or embarassments; starting with a castrate lawn and ending with some nasty Victorian ivy--that's probably poison. I think that's in part why the American suburbs tend to be the most homogenous and boring places on earth.
by delicatemonster (delicatemons@delicatemonster.com) on Sun Jul 1st, 2007 at 11:16:57 AM EST
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