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'Why can we not accept that the purpose of human life is simply to see?' - John Gray, from memory, in 'Straw Dogs'; a flawed book in some ways, full of right-wing conventional wisdom BS, but otherwise very good.

Extinction for the human race? I think it is very probable (not so much as I used to though ... my pessimism is mellowing. Or increasing? See below). If I thought that socialism and the prospect of overcoming the miserable divisions of class society was achievable, I would grieve over the prospect. On those days that I think it will never happen, I take great solace from the idea that one day there will be no more people. Seriously. If the whole thing is just going to go on as it is now, it's better that it ends as soon as possible.

Justice or death. If we can't make the right choices, our resident deus ex machina Mother Nature will see us right.

by wing26 on Wed Jul 11th, 2007 at 09:10:44 AM EST

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