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If someone knows where to find the German report, I'd love to read it.

For a while, I was trying to get a modest feel for what would happen if all non-mobile energy users relied on electricity. I've never been able to find a decent load model. Complete dry hole. Could have been bored by GWB in his Arbusto days.

If that report is serious, it has a serious load model. Yummy!


I've just had a quick look at the summary (pdf) of Barrett's proposal and it seems to rely very heavily on large behavioral changes

That's a complete no-go. End of the story

Behaviors will change only under strong constraints, with a full-blown supply crunch and it will be way, way too late to do anything about the real problem: global warming.

Peak oil/gas/coal are coming but not fast enough to force us to save our hide.

by Francois in Paris on Thu Jul 12th, 2007 at 11:00:03 PM EST

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