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I said something along those lines in my diary on dKos, but in the opposite direction ... on the transition back to an energy efficient economy ... oddly enough, even though the diary was intended to promoted DoDo's series based on the local rail tome that he posted here recently (username Daneel on dKos) (here is the latest, which deserves a serious boost), it was my diary that was rescued. ... sometimes things just work out backwards.

Anyway, back to the story, I said:

More to the point is the idea that "public transport" is one category ... a single pigeon hole for everybody who does not want or cannot drive a car, plus those unusual cities that never agreed to destroy themselves with an entirely auto-dependent public transport system, and so retained a portion of a pre-existing system to build upon.

So in other word, the argument is a symptom of the core problem ... the absurd idea that a one-size-fits-all system is possible. In reality, one size fits all systems never actually fit all, and they never fit most very well.

And especially for all of us who took the 7/7/07 Live Earth pledge, equipping ourselves with information is one of the most important things we can do to meet the transport point in our pledge. Because while "one size fits all" works fine based on stereotypes of what "most" people iin "most" places "mostly" want to do "most" of the time, an energy efficient transport system requires a far more information intensive understanding of what particular people in particular places want to do in particular at particular times of day.

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