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My understanding of the book is that when a circuit III type becomes aware of the whole thing, they either refuse it...

The robotized Rationalist fears and resents Circuit V rapture
and its holistic intuitive faculties (just as the robotized Emotionalist
fears and resents Circuit III reason).

...or they cease to be a robotized rationalist and therefore move into the circuit V consciousness.  So a circuit III, in order to be an effective teacher, needs to develop their circuit V understanding, and the best way I can see to do that is to bash their ideas off circuit V types, but always...hmmm...with respect for the word "holistic".  Maybe it is that a circuit III type cannot gain a holistic view of...reality...because their vision is linear and not curved?

The trouble I see with a circuit III trying to communicate with circuit I and II types is that circuit I and II types are precisely the types that circuit IIIs don't like and can't understand.

The third, semantic circuit is an Evolutionary Unstable Strategy.
It could very accurately be called revolutionary rather than
The first two-circuits are based on negative feedback, in the
biological sense. They maintain hotneostasis --that is, they
return, over and over, to the same ecological-ethological balances.
The function of negative feedback is to return to such a
steady state.

I see the circuit V type as the one who can bring the I and II type minds to the awareness of the revolution (via maps supplied by circuit VII types ;)...and then lead them back to comfort zone.  Somehow the circuit III type doesn't have a comfort zone, only a "driving forward" (with concommitant brain-frazzle.)

Are there enough circuit V types?  As of 1997, RAW stated (maybe wildly):

Approximately 50% of the human race has not evolved fully
into the third circuit yet.

You can create circuit V types by educating circuit IIIs and circuit IVs; but you have to have a culture of respect for the "holistic" for that to happen.

Synthesis, holistic, centred.

I suppose I think of the first three circuits as being conflicted, the fourth circuit as being a sort-of doomed attempt to hold things together, and the fifth circuit as the first point where rationality can be fed back into the system rather than causing endless revolutionary fissures...heh...not my best explanation.

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

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