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Interesting set of ideas. I think there are cultural norms within societies as well.

It is strking that the labour party are reflexively in favour of nuclear weapons, or attacking "terrorists" because they appeal to the first and second circuits, even when the third circuit would suggest that such actually results in less rather than more security. However, it menas that hte tories cannot outflank them because any suggestion they put forward becomes obviously irrational to the British electorate.

Wheras I think that the USA has been in a different place where for 40 years the republican party has essentially owned security issues to the point where talking up and provoking imaginary threats into becoming real ones is a constant theme of neocon activities.

However they do seem to have over-reached themselves with Iraq where the disconnection betwene stated intent in Washington and reality in Baghdad has become so great that all but Fox and the NYT have given up trying to connect them.

So with Democrats now seen as "safer" on security issues, it seems that the cultural view within the US has shifted generationally and it may be that Clinton and Obama may actually have missed the tide.

Of course that doesn't address the substance of your diary, about hwich I cannot comment although, as I said, it's an interesting set of ideas that are best tested by how they can be mapped onto real world situations.

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by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Sun Jul 22nd, 2007 at 02:01:49 PM EST

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