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Intuition can sometimes short-circuit that, not by building a more accurate map - which is what the crank-types always try to do, and fail - but by realising that sometimes you don't need either Science[tm] or face value to connect with reality in a useful and fun way.

Yeah, that's the one.  What I'm aiming towards, maybe, is that the circuit V holistic view can sense with confidence where the face-value limits lie, has a channel to the hidden assumptions because, I dunno, once your fifth circuit starts firing regularly your assumptions are running constant tests against the realities around you--all of 'em, without prejudice--and seeing how they join...and as you say, in the context of drugs,

you can take the experiences at face value. You can analyse them intellectually to build a map. Or you can 'know' what you do and don't need from them, and what's right for you.

I realised somewhere in what I was writing that there is a paradox about asking a circuit V to teach what can't be taught, but I think that's what makes them ideal teachers--that endless living in reality as a holistic, intuitive, centred continuum, seeing when a particular scientific tool will have maximum effect in opening the student's eyes to all those realities happening around them...

Ya know, I think there are historic precendents for individual schools turning out amazing communities of students.  Summerhill comes to mind, as does the (maybe apocryphal, but I think it existed) primary school in Brooklyn that produced a number of nobel prize winners...and off to google I go to find a list of nobel prize winners and their schools....


...though I'm sure there was a primary school where a bunch came from...anyways...

I take that to mean once you get those circuits firing up and through...ach...ya know, RAW always makes me chuckle and think, and that mix of humour and thought is, for me, a sign of someone working from...I dunno...I don't want to say "higher", maybe "wider"?, states of relation to their immediate realities.  

But yeah, intuition and its results.  I suppose I place myself with the stupid people and wonder how we can all get a bit less stupid, and if intuition is worth developing (and for this circuit III chap I think it definitely is because of its lateral nature), I think its worth giving those who are trying it out some slack if the results are sometimes...well...I suppose I'd say if the student is trying to learn then the mistakes are where the learning happens, and the pratfalls...a good laugh with rather than at the poor bloke with his face in a puddle (c'est moi), and then--and I think this is another circuit V element that is a powerful teaching tool--knowing what to do next...a helping hand?  Dive in the puddle too and have a splash around?  Hand the guy in the puddle a towel?  Or a drink?  Or maybe the circuit V tripped them up?  All so fast and subtle and science, yeah, its in there, I think you're saying its key role is when what appears ain't necessarily so, and how to maintain that scepticism while being fully engaged...ach...but yeah, sommat along those lines.

I think the real loss of scientific thought among the general population came when what science was discovering in the sixties was stomped on by the police.  HST placed it to the '68 convention in Chicago--that was when he saw it stomped.  There's that part in Fear & Loathing where he says something like, "Nobody wants mind expanders these days.  Reality is too harsh.  No, now it's all about downers.  Blot it out, man!"  Only he wrote it a lot better.

RAW, for me, was right in there as the science expanded; these guys knew--and shared ideas with--the cutting edge scientists of their day.

In fact, as it's late, I'll suggest that this har internet is one of the fruits of that widening of consciousness--the widening of the field of understanding and its myriad forms--heh...

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

by rg (leopold dot lepster at google mail dot com) on Mon Jul 23rd, 2007 at 07:48:05 PM EST
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