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The common intuition is to "feel" the facts, to associate with previous experiences.

The III circuit is able to accept facts without confirmation from "intuition", even contrarily to intuition.

I'd like to ponder this more, but for now how about: If reality and your intuitions are in disagreement, you need to change your intuitions.  But you still need intuitions.

For a circuit III type accepting an assumption without necessarily agreeing with it because the method produces solid results....I'm not sure about this.

Your post makes me think about what physicists call "physical intuition" - maybe I need to write a diary about it but I feel disinclined to do it. Das monde said before that physicists don't understand quantum mechanics but they can still make it work. I don't think that's true any more, we've had too many generations of physicists educated in a quantum mechanics that was known to work, and who have developed an intuition. Same thing for Einstein's relativity.

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