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I talked about bullshit because you mentioned Cheney, not because I extend the discussion on science. But if we go into there, we have to discuss Feyerabend's bullshit about science's bullshit.

Bullshit detection is an art. Even if you teach students to detect bullshit, they may apply it inconsistently against you. Liberals can appeal to detect bullshit better, but conservatives can manipulate bullshit "detection" very well. Say, they call bullshit on climate change very easily(whether directly or by implication) and successfully. Also, they manipulate people's intuition (and searching for charisma) very well - manipulation is always a problem of any perception power.

To hide limits of my understanding, so much remarks this time :-)

by das monde on Thu Jul 26th, 2007 at 11:03:52 AM EST
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