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Hi das monde,

Prometheus Rising, what a great work!

My brain, left to its own devices, quickly reverts to a typical circuit III (lower level F, subsection B7G) approach:

Buy some ZOOM or LIFT (two names for the same caffeine-
high stimulant) at a Health Food Store. (This gives a close
approximation of the effects of illegal cocaine.) When you are
Zooming or Lifted and your mind is racing, find a victim and explain
the universe to him or her, until they are able to escape you.
What you experience in this "speed rap" is what the head of
the compulsive Rationalist is always like. This is the verbal
circuit gone wild and totally oblivious to information coming in
on any other circuit. It explains why most people cannot stand

A particular point re: science education.  For me, the following quote counsels against using circuit III types as teachers, or rather, any circuit III teachers should spend a lot of time developing their circuit V (and beyond!) capacities because...

...a genius is one who, by some internal process, breaks
through to Circuit VII--a minor neurological miracle loosely
called "intuition"--and comes back down to the third circuit
with the capacity to paint a new semantic map, build a new
model of experience. Needless to say, this is always a profound
shock to those still trapped in the old robot-imprints, and is
generally considered a threat to territory (ideological head
space). The long list of martyrs to free enquiry, from Socrates
onward, shows how mechanical this neophobia (fear of new
semantic signals) is.

By the way, RAW's passionate utopia was that soon over 50% of humanity will be able to venture to higher (than the 4th) neurological circuits

I read recently that we have now arrived at 54%, from a starting point at @ 5-10% in the early sixties.  Synchronicities abounding, groups forming, breaking, re-forming, but...heh, where I live at any rate..with a wider, less ego-fuelled...and yet a more focused approach.

Also, regarding the teaching of science and the response of what seems to be a majority of kids:

Almost always, these cerebrotonic Third-Circuit types ignore
or are hostile to their first and second circuit functions. Playfulness
puzzles them (appears silly or eccentric) and emotions both
baffle and frighten them.

Which makes me think that you need circuit V types to teach science, rather than people who strongly identify with circuit III.

(An aside: this suggests, I think, that strong circuit III types would find their time best spent trying to impart the results of their enquiries to circuit V and above types, rather than trying to convince those at circuits I, II.)

All quotes come from the huge pdf file which is Prometheus Rising

Robert Anton Wilson!

"We are trapped in linguistic constructs.  All that is, is metaphor...I've decided we can't get beyond words, what we've got to do is get more cynical about our words."

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

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