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Sloppy rhetoric on his part.

I'll say.  To be fair, though, it seems he wrote this in the context of ongoing discussions in pre-existing threads.

Having said that, I wish he would have unpacked strange insinuations like the following:

... the same kind of leap of faith which Yoshie Furuhashi reminded us was the great French mathematician Pascal's definition of Christianity. ... As is clear from discussions on this List, some who might define themselves as Marxists also turn out when scratched to be made of different metal.

Doe he mean to imply that Marxism is just Christianity in another guise?

Whether or not sunshine is infinite, the earth is a closed entropic system

Huh?  I have a very limited understanding of energy issues, but how could the earth be considered a "closed entropic system" if Averaged over the entire surface of the planet, 24 hours per day for a year, each square meter collects the approximate energy equivalent of almost a barrel of oil each year, or 4.2 kilowatt-hours of energy every day.?

Fuel cells, PV's and biomass ethanol almost certainly are sinks, or else of almost no net benefit. ... so-called 'renewables', which in all cases anyway depend for their development on cross-subsidies from fossil fuels. All of this is well-known stuff by now.

This kind of hand-waving rhetoric always rings alarm bells.  Just how "well known" is this stuff anyway?

The energy payback time of photovoltaic (PV) cells has been a contentious issue for more than a decade. Some studies claim that the joule content of the energy and materials that were put into the process of making the PV cell, will be equaled by the joule content of the electrical output of the cell within a few years of operation. <...>

This review has concluded that the likely energy payback of a typical domestic sized rooftop grid connected PV cell is approximately four years. In addition, it was estimated that larger utility PV cell power stations would have a much longer energy payback period.

Energy Payback of Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Cells

Truth unfolds in time through a communal process.
by marco on Tue Aug 14th, 2007 at 07:44:15 AM EST
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