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While the coup of 1933 failed (sort of), the coup of 2000 succeeded (so far).  George Bush came to power in a judicial coup de etat.  Let's all get used to saying that: "George Bush came to power in a judicial coup de etat."  It happened.  American Republic: 1776-2000, RIP.  The coup did not involve tanks-in-the-streets directly but it did stop the constitutional process and was made possible by massive subversion of voter rights and with the explicit collusion of the corporate media.  Yes, it was a coup!  Personally, I am complete with the grieving process and outrage.  

In the USA we are not supposed to mention these discomforting facts in polite company but then that's part of the magic of what the right wing has accomplished.  We don't even discuss the reality of our situation.  This is starting to change and my prediction is that things are going to become very volatile (probably violent) in the near future.  Economic reality will be the precipitating event that sets off new political passions and those events are not far off.  My recommendation to my fellow Americans is to vigorously exercise your 2nd ammendment rights now and make sure you have a local food supply.  

by Geonomist on Sat Aug 4th, 2007 at 03:34:10 PM EST

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