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If each subjective is contained within the objective - how is it then distinct? Is the subjective a part of the objective, or the objective a part of the subjective? I love the theory of sets...

I was also assuming that objective means tangible, like stones or air, but can also mean idea, like capitalism, or love. How is a stone subjective, or its experience? Yes, it is only ever you, that feels that stone, but if you and I feel that stone, we might come to the same conclusion (or to a completely opposite one, but you might agree with fran on it) - so do you and fran then share a objective view, while I am excluded, or is only the summation of our three views/ experiences the real objective view. What happens if Jerome comes along and from our descriptions recreates a perfect copy of said stone, which would cause the same "feeling" within you and me but not fran?

What is manifest love? God.

by PeWi on Tue Aug 21st, 2007 at 10:02:23 AM EST
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