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I am intimately aware of most aspects of the Vn anti-war movement, but I was not part of it. No place for me to vote, but a great review of a film that I suppose may be an attempt to connect the current situation with that of the past.

After all these years I continue to have mixed feelings about anti-war movements that blossom during the midst of a conflict even though I also have problems with the wars themselves. In the case of the Vietnam War, I see the movement as instrumental, though not totally responsible, for the US withdrawal.  Ironically, I also strongly believe that it was also partially responsible for the war's longevity and sometimes worry that the current movement may also be contributing on some level, albeit to a lesser extent, to the continuance of the war in Iraq.  At the same time, anti-war movements, even if late in coming to maturity and even if they do contribute to some degree to a war's longevity, do serve notice to a population that has become too lax in exercising its civic duties and to a President that takes the powers of his position for granted.


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