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I believe we have run out of a fair amount of the jobs that need to be done. There are plenty useless jobs around : the Soviets may have had plenty of bureaucracy , but what essentially plays a similar role in our current system is much more bloated, from marketing to banking to redundant information systems.

One thing that is never mentioned in this context is the fact that it's f*cking great that there is actually less need of human labour to have better lifestyles : the main, real reason for unemployment is that simply we don't need so much labour as we used to (okay, much of it is hidden away in China)

Solving unemployment through creating more dumb service jobs, such as people putting stuff in bags at the supermarket, is bad.

We need to focus on making a society where "not working" doesn't mean "social exclusion", so that work is less central to our social lives (the jet set seems to handle the concept very well), and share the amount of work that is left to be done : radical work week length reduction.

All of this is pretty incompatible with unregulated labour markets...

As for not having full employment, it creates inflation (as employers have to actually compete for the workforce) and thus a less docile workforce and larger share of the production going to workers. No need for a conspiracy theory to understand that real full employment won't happen anytime in a plutocratic capitalist system.

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