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According to my sister who has done extensive research on the family, I am 1/8 Norwegian (Bergen) and 7/8 Swede (Gotland, Smaland, Skane).

My link to Finland is much more direct.  In 1989, some Finns published an early draft, in translation, of Elegant Technology (1992).  It was called "Tuottajat ja Saalistajat: Johdatus ekoteolliseen ratkaisuun" in Finnish.  How this happened is a long story but it left me with the very distinct impresson that the Finns were easily the best informed people on earth.  When the OECD report came out a few ears back ranking Finnish schools the best on the planet, I could only nod and say, "of course!"

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Funnily enough my daughters have both Norwegian and Gotland genes in them from my ex's side. How this mixes with my mongrel genes from the wrong side of the distant blankets of the Earls of Derby has yet to be seen. But so far looks promising.

I could imagine your book might have influenced quite a few Finns. I thought I was a bookworm till I came to Finland.

I imagine, if it is still in print, that the very knowledgeable and helpful staff at the Aalto-designed Academic Bookshop in downtown Helsinki could put their hands on a copy in seconds. This used to be the largest and most diversely stocked bookshop in the world, though I am sure it has now been overtaken.

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