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Welcome to freedom.  I've been a linuxer since Slackware 0.99.  I've lived with and fought with and learned to enjoy Slackware, SUSE, Debian, and Knoppix.  Each distribution has been easier and easier to learn and to grow comfortable with.

A couple of years ago I introduced the Momcat to Knoppix.  It was slick enough, and the installation process simple enough, that she gave it a try.  She set up her PC to dual boot Knoppix and Windows and began to learn the ways of Linux.  Over time she settled into Knoppix and booted Windows less and less, but I don't think she ever quite felt at home.

A few months ago, she tried Ubuntu on her own.  It took her all of two days to fall in love.  She has since built her own PC, out of parts she ordered off the net, tailored to her needs and selected for compatibility with Linux.  Yes, the Momcat, about as ungeeky as anyone I know, surfed the net and looked up things and learned what she needed to put together her very own PC.  She has since installed at least two upgrades of Ubuntu.  Now she drops pointed hints from time to time about how much longer I'm going to stick with my clanky old Debian setup.  It's embarrassing.

Pass the word to all your friends who've grown frustrated with Microsoft, or who might be thinking about trying something new and different.  Have a look at Ubuntu.  It's what you've been waiting for.

We all bleed the same color.

by budr on Thu Sep 20th, 2007 at 01:44:42 PM EST

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