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It would be possible to be organized in a federation.

It could be organized as a federation.

The Iraqians, meanwhile, will try to explain that they are fulfilling his obligations.

Meanwhile the Iraqis will try to explain they are fulfilling their obligations.

Neither it is true nor it will be sufficient,

That's not true and it won't be enough,

PA. I do not request you an infinite patience. Simply that you do as much as you can so that everything fits.

PA. I'm not asking you to have infinite patience. Simply that you do all you can to make things fall properly into place.

the Agreement of Free Commerce with Chile is pending of confirmation in the Senate and that a negative attitude in this subject could put it in jeopardy.

the Free Trade Agreement with Chile is pending confirmation in the Senate, and a negative attitude about this matter could endanger it.

I do not care being the bad cop and let  Blair be the good one.

It doesn't bother me if I'm the bad cop and Blair is the good one.

to state that Sadam Hussein has lost its opportunity

to say Saddam Hussein has wasted his last chance

que pudieran servir para que Sadam Hussein los utilizara como etapas y consiguientemente incumplirlas
that could be turned to the purpose of giving Saddam Hussein steps to take that he will of course fail to do

That would allow for example that Mexico moved.

That would allow for a change in Mexico's position.

Sadam Husein has not cooperated, has not been disarmed, we would have to make a summary of its breaches

Saddam Hussein has not cooperated, has not disarmed, we would have to list his breaches

PB. The resolution will be such that it will help you. I really do not care about the content.

The resolution will be built with the intention of helping you. I'm really not concerned about its content.

PA. We will make you get our texts.
PB. We do not have any text.

PA. We'll send you some drafts.
PB. We don't have a draft at all.

PB. It fits me. Chirac knows the reality perfectly. Their intelligence services have explained it. The Arabs are transmitting  Chirac a very clear message: Sadam Hussein must go away.

PB. Suits me. Chirac knows what's going on. Their intelligence services have explained it to him. The Arabs are sending Chirac a very clear message: Saddam Hussein must go.

Condoleezza Rice: In fact there will be no inform on the 28th of February

inform => information

PA. Is true that there is a chance that Sadam Hussein moves away?

PA. Is it true there's a chance Saddam Hussein will go into exile?

He thinks that France and Germany have stopped the process of their responsibilities. He also beliefs that the demonstrations of last week [Saturday 15 of February] protects him.

He thinks France and Germany have stopped the trial of everything he's responsible for. He also believes that last week's demonstrations (Saturday February 15) protect him.

PA. In fact the biggest success would be to gain the game without shooting a single shot and entering Bagdad.

In fact the greatest success would be to win the game without firing a single shot, and get into Bagdad.

the mothers and the widows of the deads.

the mothers and widows of the dead.

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(I hope they're in the right order...)

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