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Copyright issues regarding transcription are not clear to me.. I am not using the article El Pais writes but the transcript they provide.. can the trasncript be translated freely?.. Is it fair use since it is only a  part of the news?. Or is the transcript copyrighted??

IANAL, but here is my take on it:

If the transcript is a fictional saga made up by a writer, then it is protected by the authors copyright (probably then sold to El Pais). As the text claims not be fictional but a transcript, it is reasonable to act accordingly. A transcript of a conversation is generally not considered copyrighted (who would own it? Bush?). However, the spanish translation might be protected by copyright, depending on what the law of the land says on the matter (is this site still hosted in the US?).

Considering the spanish text is mainly there for the purpose of being re-translated back to english, I would guess it is in the clear. Except for specific filesharing laws, copyright mainly restricts commercial usages.

So unless El Pais gets in touch and claims otherwise, I say use it and don't worry.

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by A swedish kind of death on Wed Sep 26th, 2007 at 06:40:00 PM EST

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