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If it turns out that there is enough evidence to cast suspicion on these machines in the New Hampshire primary, then we should immediately bombard public radio station websites with messages and requests to cover this issue.

In fact I was about to do this this morning (Fresh Air/NPR, On Point, WorldView, Diane Rehm), but then reading Robert Hansen's last update stopped me cold:

UPDATE3: And just for the record, I do not believe whatsoever that anything untoward or suspicious happened in the NH election. This is simply a great exercise in statistical analysis, a great example of the problem that omitted variables cause in regression analysis.

Personally, I have been suspicious of these machines since the 2000 election, and I am very afraid of the potential dangers they pose to democracy, as are many Americans.  But I am completely unqualified to evaluate the statistical evidence of alleged wrongdoing in New Hampshire or elsewhere, and so have to rely on you guys to say if and when there is a serious case worth blasting to friends and public media.

Your fast and hard work is much appreciated, because unlike other topics we often discuss here, this one has an explicit and hard deadline for addressing that is not negotiable.

Good luck.  I am following as best as I can!

Truth unfolds in time through a communal process.

by marco on Tue Jan 15th, 2008 at 09:02:53 PM EST

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