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It is tempting to conclude that paper ballot voting could  be the only tight and robust voting system. But I wonder, where is competition for Diebold? How is happens that Free Market does not deliver any competitive improvements, or (perhaps) even no demand for fair voting machines?

I am sure there could be technology more handy and more reliable than paper ballots. I have a proposal myself. There seem to be academic specialists working on the problem, though I did not get the impression that their sway is significant or coherent. From time to time "unbeatable" voting schemes are announced, but is anyone listening if it is not on Foxnews?

The technological discussion is alive (witness this review of recent timely Ny Times article). But political decisions (and discussion) are still tightly controlled - as if in USSR.

by das monde on Wed Jan 16th, 2008 at 05:10:11 AM EST
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