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I had to put up with this man for ten years as my Prime Minister.

He is an (alleged) social democrat, who despises the poor and the powerless and adulates the rich and powerful.

He is an (alleged) pro-European, who never had the courage to take on the euro-sceptics.

He is an (alleged) person who wishes to do good in the world, but who sets far too low a bar for the use of military force.

He is an (alleged) reformer, who frittered away his time and energy on managerialist re-arrangements of health and education. I guarantee that the Blair "reforms" will be minor footnotes in specialist histories (if that) in a generation.

He is an (alleged) master politician, who specialised in issuing fatuous ideas for the sake of an ephemeral triumph in the next news cycle. Mostly these ideas disappeared without trace, until it was time to re-announce them as a great new initiative and repeat the news management process. Unfortunately some version of some of his daft ideas actually became public policy and were implemented.

He is an (alleged) champion of freedom but, because he lacked any sense of the importance of history and his ideas were instinctively authoritarian, he was an objective enemy of liberty.

I am sorry that I have been so moderate in my criticism of this truly awful politician.

However it does not matter. Gordon Brown can be relied upon to sabotage any attempt by Blair to get back into politics.

by Gary J on Fri Jan 18th, 2008 at 05:05:50 PM EST

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