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DoDo, What an opinion! Whoa! At first reading, one might be tempted to say, full of bias and lacks reasoning and fact that one cannot expect a reasoned debate but I understand your feelings against Tony Blair as I am wont to say the same things about both the man and the politician ... But allow me this bit of devil advocating: The fact that you know him so well proves it. You may not like him but does possess the stature. (So did Hitler.) You and I and many others here dislike him and even despise Blair but it IS a fact that many Europeans admire the British political system as do many others around the world, hence his stature. No one will get there who does not want it and doesn't campaign to get it. And Blair did that (Look at the US presidential campaigns -- how hard and low the candidates go to get "there" .) Re:" I also note that Bliar wants the post himself, it's not like it's pushed on him, and the idea is not new." There's no disagreement there. Hard to believe that he didn't tinker with the idea of prolonging his political life by way of the EU even before he moved out of Downing street. On your fear that Bliar would not promote Europe's best interests. There is indeed that risk... or that he would play the passive role when it comes to promoting Europe's best interests. But I have no doubt that whoever becomes permanent president will be forced by the Member States to push the will of the Member States - I don't think that any single nation or person, let alone Blair will bully or be allowed to bully the other 27. Re selling out: Blair took a salary from various companies after leaving office. Schroder signed a multi-billion dollar deal with GAZPROM while he was chancellor which cut across a European energy policy and then revealed his directorship days after he left office. Not the same thing! The Euro is a wild and runaway success. In time most member states will probably join. Not really an issue as far as this goes. Quite happy to see a Dane or an Irishman in the post - And going back to Frank S's suggestion, what about Bertie Ahern? On the whole, much as I regret it, because I do not admire or trust Blair as a person, I maintain that he is a brilliant strategist, tactician and politician. It is exactly those qualities that allowed someone WHO IS A RIGHT WING at heart to lead the UK left wing party for 10 years. That he leaves a disastrous legacy on many fronts is a given and for that we are on the same wavelength -- a big NO to his candidature.
by The3rdColumn on Thu Jan 24th, 2008 at 06:48:33 AM EST
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