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However, I suspect that underlying this is a dislike of the almost frothing-at-the-mouth intellectual passion bordering on hatred expended against religion : To a greater extent it's a fair criticism, but please bear in mind atheists didn't start this.

Despite some of the dafter paranoias from the religious, Dawkins et al threaten nobody's belief system. They may think it's daft, but they have no intention to legislate against it. They have no intention of passing any law denying any religious person their rights, even those who would allow themselves or their children to die for such beliefs. They do not enforce codes of thought, behaviour, dress, sexual behaviour, who to love, what artistic expression they may indulge, what theatre they may see.

none of this is in the atheist ambition.

But atheist's freedoms to not have our lives constrained by the beliefs of others is threatened by religionists. They would interfere in all of those things I describe. You know this.

Yes, indeed, I do. Excellent comment.

We come full circle here, as this is largely what I wanted to express in my uncivil reply to TBG's diary. Could have said it in a nicer and more eloquent way, as you do.

But then we may not have had this IMO very instructive discussion. Of course, I would say so, just having written about 3,000 words about it...

by nanne (zwaerdenmaecker@gmail.com) on Mon Jan 21st, 2008 at 04:08:39 PM EST
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