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Yes, the "identity" is suitable yet too little, too late, coming from Ms Alegre who is/was a hard-core HRC campaigner.

I'm well aware of the rhetorical debt BHO owes that creature -- that economic "beacon of opportunity," preemptive doctrine, NIE applications, affordable housing?, energy policy!-- since '06. When I was still commenting at dKos, comparisons were rejected out of hand. BTW, the most peculiar remark in my mind, at any rate, was BHO explicit statement that he agreed with GWB on maximum sentencing.

The perversion of due process in GWB's wake cannot be understated. Most recently I indulged in a lop-sided discursion on creeping unitary theory, specifically the putative adjudicative function of "my"(BHO's phrase) DoJ. And as it happened one week later, Charlie Savage (Boston Globe) filed a survey of leading candidates of both parties. I lurked dkos, seeking coherence on the subject and finding none.

Doubtless the expectations of the American voter, irrespective of race or blog activity, are so low as to be immeasurable. High paradox on the campaign trail of "change," no? I am discomfitted by the notion that the myth of a classless society is at last affixed to personal finance.

Relating Obama to Sarko now is a demographic wonder, a wholy intellectual digression perhaps. All that I'm able to express here is that I was much impressed by Sarkozy's ability to split the left by generation, using "reform" as an axe, serated by promises of marginal "opportunities" for the youth vote. Then, again, I am not as intimately familiar with his rhetoric as I am his um stature.

Suffice to say, should BHO win the office, I look forward to warm coordination between him and the leader of the francophone universe in devising solution to um shared unemployment problems.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Mon Jan 7th, 2008 at 07:00:49 AM EST
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