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One thing I see that a lot of people kind of forget...not here, so much, but in US blogs...that US presidents do not legislate. They suggest bills and budgets and approaches, but it all has to get passed by the House and the Senate (with the Senate being much slower, typically). So, what will be an important thing to bear in mind is, whoever does get elected (thinking positively that it will be a Democrat) will be impacted a great deal by whether there is a Democratic majority in both the House (likely) and the Senate (needs a bigger majority to make changes there). That was one of the problems Bill Clinton faced, he had 6 years in office where he had a rabid Right-wing majority in both the House and Senate, which forced him to negotiate a lot to get anything done (and had to give up a lot, in the process).

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by whataboutbob on Mon Jan 7th, 2008 at 11:10:42 AM EST
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