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Samantha Power's is an interesting case.

In her book, she called the Cyrus Vance-Lord David Owen plan for Bosnia a "giveaway" to the Serbs, and also she said "it bought them time," even though the Serbs agreed to it as a peace plan.

Now, the Dayton Plan has its flaws, and we may yet see it unravel if the Bosnian Serbian Republic ever manages to secede, but it was the best peace plan that was in place, and Milosevic the horse trader got what he wanted when he traded the Krajina for the Bosnian Serb Republic.

I'm imagining that, since Dayton was so close to Vance-Owen in terms of actual territory, that Power was none too happy with Dayton either.

This means that she may be a maximalist when it comes to foreign intervention. If you're going to scuttle a peace plan like Vance-Owen, then a humanitarian such as Power is not going to stand by and watch 100,000 be slaughtered. That would be hypocritical and ironic. This would mean that she would have favored foot soldiers on the ground in Bosnia combating Serbian militias and paramilitary.

That's an important distinction to make about Obama's foreign policy team.

by Upstate NY on Sun Jan 6th, 2008 at 08:07:28 PM EST

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