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perfect, i pulled up the home page to see if the OT had started yet, or go the the salon to post this, and this diary is even better!

BBC NEWS | Europe | Italy aims for carbon-neutral farm

An attempt to create a pioneering carbon-neutral farm is starting in Italy.

A range of new technologies is being installed at the farm in the central region of Umbria as part of an experiment to cut its CO2 emissions to zero over the course of the next year.

They include everything from electric farm vehicles to sun-reflecting paint on storage buildings.

It is all taking place at the Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio olive oil farm, north of Rome.

With its vineyards and olive trees, this beautiful corner of Italy might look like it has escaped the intrusions of climate change, but the farm's owners say they, too, have to play their part in making the world greener.

"We want to go further than anyone else," says Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, Monte Vibiano's chief executive.

Storing solar energy

One of the key investments is in a unique solar powered battery re-charging centre.

The farm has 24 hi-tech solar panels

Built by the Austrian company Cellstrom, the centre is a shed-sized box with 24 solar panels on it that houses a revolutionary liquid-based battery.

i think i may have to go check this place out, it's less than 2 hrs drive away.

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