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Their largest vote total was received prior to World War I.  Resistance to the US involvement in WW I, the Palmer Red Raids, and internal split on Bolshevik Revolution reduced them to insignificance as a party.

Thank you for adding crucial historical benchmarks and qualification of party "significance" restricted to votes. But is that really an appropriate measure of the party's influence on "national policy"?

I would think the continuity of US federal law and police actions to destroy this (third) party's apparatus and political alliances across the labor movement was a significant feature of national policy.  

If not, I still must wonder about the popularity of socialism within FDR's administration and right up to the end of WWII, while Russia enjoined favored nation status. Wilkie's "One World" tour was quite the money-maker, no?

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by Cat on Mon Oct 20th, 2008 at 02:04:29 PM EST
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Is the glass three quarters empty or one quarter full?

We're getting into a discussion of perspective and I'd just as soon not Go There.

Advances were made under FDR are still with us.  Advances made under FDR have been lost.  Some of the people in the FDR administration responsible for those advances came from the Left; some of the people in the FDR administration came from the Middle, some from the Right.

I'll merely note that was 60/70 years ago and leave you with the last word, should you care to give one.

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by ATinNM on Mon Oct 20th, 2008 at 02:53:44 PM EST
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