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Very good description. (Are you from Middletown, Ohio, or is the "Middletown" a literary device?) Absolutely the living wage is disparaged in the Democratic Party, and that plays out on the local level here in Southwest Ohio, where the Democratic Party is run by corporate attorneys and their ilk whose identification is with their clientele or with those wealthy enough to contribute large donations, not with the actual voters. Here they acted as though raising the minimum wage a small amount were a revolutionary act, when Ohio has been behind on labor benefits and southwest Ohio has several "union avoidance campaign" attorneys for some time. And your points about the media are spot on. Television and film is full of exhorting us in the working class to dream of winning the lottery and/or being rich. There is hardly any labor radio and no labor TV or film (except John Sayles when he will do it). I got overly excited Saturday night because here in Yellow Springs, I was able to pick up a Grand Rapids station playing Democracy Now - I felt like people in Czechoslovakia must have felt listening to Radio Free Europe back in the day. Good points.
by lachatte (stormydogger at yahoo dot com) on Tue Oct 21st, 2008 at 07:21:36 AM EST

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