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Such an initiative, for which I'm entirely in favor, would have the benefit of decentralizing the employment hierarchy, in the sense that, with bare necessities met, the smart and inventive, if impoverished, among us, would be that much freer to create solutions to what are likely to amount to increasingly urgent, community needs, as the global economy unwinds.

Here governments are throwing billions if not trillions into farcical "rescue" missions when, if the broader population had been given greater, more supple enterprise-creating opportunities, the present financial déconfiture would be affecting vastly fewer numbers. International finance could have had its chronic greed fest, leaving local economies more or less intact.

As long as nations rely uniquely on the creation of jobs in industry and services, their populations will remain prisoners of stock market manipulation and lobby-influenced political policies.  

'Basic Income' proposals are unpopular among our (s)elected leaders but the time is likely to come when they're viewed as a necessity ... that is, if the 'wads are truly dedicated to saving themselves.

by Loefing on Fri Oct 10th, 2008 at 10:30:25 AM EST
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