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Thinking about the hairlessness on the other hand...

I was using the Google to try to find some nice Obama/Putin slash. Complete fail! Too early, perhaps? Give it a few months? Maybe this could be your next calling as your prior coping skill becomes obsolete? You know, to have something to write about. I mean, this one would not be a coping skill, but a celebration of the greatness of the world, and how fabulous it would be if those two got it on... A completely appropriate reaction to the relief of your country for once getting it right. Think about it!

Or maybe I will try. Here, what do you think?

President Obama entered the banquet hall of the Great International Conference to Save the Global Economy. There was the usual annoying camera flashes and reporters lunging forward with microphones, hoping for a quote. He made his way in, not too fast, wouldn't want them to see his disdain for them, not so soon, only two months after his inauguration. But yes, he was already tired of the press corp. The most infuriating aspect was the fawning heaped upon him by brown nosing little shits that just 6 months ago could not be heard to utter a hard word for his predecessor. Then the hand shaking. Merkel, Sarkozy, their faces a blur, meaningless comments of polite blather exchanged. Smile for the camera, shake hands.

And then Putin. The steely gaze, the firm squeeze of his hand. Obama trembled, then caught himself. Putin gave one of his small smirks, and looked him straight in the eyes as he caressed the back of Obamas hand for just a moment. He bent in and whispered "later". Obama felt a small gasp escape him, then straightened himself and smiled: "As you wish, Prime Minister. As you wish.". Thankfully more camera flashes to distract him from the unbidden swelling in his pants, and from his own surprise at his reaction. Putin... Yes, this conference might prove to have more rewards than just saving the global economy.

by someone (s0me1smail(a)gmail(d)com) on Wed Nov 12th, 2008 at 03:04:32 AM EST
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