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We don't say "niemand houdt van een slimme klomp"

Obama, OTOH, is rumoured to have Dutch roots. More specifically, Frisian roots. The local tabloid (IOW: the largest daily by circulation) just ran a made-up story on this that has been doing the rounds since February. From back then:

56572: Ús Barack foar President!

The gentleman on the left [now: above] is Mr. Jelle Obbema, a Frisian, who around left 1870 left Friesland for Kenya where he made a small fortune in the peppermint oil business. He was one of the founders of the famous Frisian King Peppermint company.

While in Kenya, de Volkskrant writes, Mr. Obbema had many love affairs. Offspring of these affairs were given the name Obama, the African version of the Frisian name Obbema. One of the sons was Sjoerd-Bark Obama, Barack Obama's great-grandfather.

Many Obbemas in Friesland have been famous for their athletic abilities. Finally, there is an Obbema Family Crest and on the crest are the words "Ja, wy kinne - Yes we can." The campaign slogan making the rounds in Friesland these days is: "Ús Barack foar President!"

Estimated truth value: 5% (the Obbema family does exist).
by nanne (zwaerdenmaecker@gmail.com) on Tue Nov 11th, 2008 at 05:45:50 PM EST
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