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I stopped arguing about the details of it.  Did it happen this way or that is now irrelevant.  What is relevant is how that event changed the world.

The paradigm works.  With global warming  I embrace my 3M6B theory which says the profit potential for wealth extraction from formerly oppressed people is the real reason for all the hype, sudden and elite  sponsored hype, behind this current CO2 carbon trading scam.

It was never about fixing the enviornment it is about control of people.

by Lasthorseman on Thu Nov 20th, 2008 at 06:56:11 AM EST
Creationism or Evolution -

I've never found interest in arguing the details of it. Did it happen this way or that is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not one or the other believes in God which is the bottom line in that debate.

911 official version or not -

It's difficult to argue about the details because some details are obscured, others are missing. It is relevant how that event changed the world. Is it irrelevant how it happened? Would it have an impact (for the better/for the worse) if we knew? I think it would.

Climate change - did it happen this way or that?

It has changed the world. Would it have an impact if we knew why and how it happens/ed, whose responsible - just we or nature and us? Can we avert or delay the consequences? If we knew, it would have an impact. Even if we don't know the whole truth of the matter, we're responsible for what we know and should act accordingly.

by Lily (put - lilyalmond - here <a> yahaah.france) on Thu Nov 20th, 2008 at 10:22:59 AM EST
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