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I've bashed asiegel on the same thing earlier this year - but I am ardent on the use of correct language here. I don't believe things in science. Ideas are inferred, interpreted, recognized, detailed, described, hypothesized, theorized, proven.

No believing.

Having said that, I've remaining issues with the climate change "camps". The crucial question being: to what extent do increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases contribute to global warming, that is, what is the 2xCO2 (the doubling of atmospheric CO2) sensitivity of the planet? I don't think there has been an adequately shown answer to that, although  a range of estimates have been published.

But should this answer truly matter in determining policy to reduce and moderate the current excessiveness of carbon output? I refer to the posts of Bruce and poemless above.

by Nomad on Wed Nov 19th, 2008 at 06:52:49 PM EST

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